In our winery Borgo Santa Giulia we combined history, tradition and the future, thanks to the use of both the ancient process that modern technologies.

Here our Ca’d’Or Method D.O.C.G. with the classic method production, obtained with the wine aging in bottle for three years on the yeast and the Italian method D.O.C. resting for 12 months with our long Charmat method, matures and ages. Thanks to the experience of our enologist and our winemakers, both methods, in our cellar complete the painstaking work started in our vineyards on the hills in the Franciacorta and in the Oltrepò Pavese.



The quality of each of our Franciacorta wine begins in the vineyard, from which it derives also its character. Both of these features are expertly maintained by the experience of our agronomist and our technicians.


Our Grand Cru vineyards are located between 150m and 250m above sea level on the moraine hills of Franciacorta (Lake Iseo – Brescia); they are planted with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, with a manual biological-oriented process.

The soil is mostly stony, moderately calcareous and clayish in some areas, and it gives to our wines a complex minerality, keeping fresh aromatic notes given by the flowers and the fruits of Franciacorta.

A terrain that enjoys a climate characterized by major climatic changes, through sunny days and cool night, that leads the dew in the morning on our grapes, enriching them with a perfect natural sugar content.



Our Grand Cru vineyards are located between 250m and 450m above sea level on the slopes of Lessini Mountains (Lake Garda – Verona) and are characterized by volcanic soils.

For each elevation there are different vineyards cultivated with Durella grapes, an indigenous vine by definition. The individual differences that distinguish each vine are expertly maintained by our agronomist, to create a wine that reflects the vineyards from which it derives.

The vineyards on the hills have their own “personality”, which can be known and recognized in every single corner, nook, escarpment and cranny, which insinuate itself into the woods, while the woods, in turn, insinuates into it. The vines benefit from a dry and ventilated climate, combined with a manual, biological-oriented process. These features allow our technicians to get not only a fresh, fruity and aromatic wine, but also a full-bodied one, with good structure and minerality.

A winery that combines the history, the tradition and the future, thanks to both the most ancient processings and the modern technologies. Here, our Ca’ d’Or Italian Method D.O.C. rests, matures and ages, but mostly it comes, thanks to the experience of our winemaker and cellerers, to complete the scrupulous work started in our hillside vineyards.


A path made of so many years and so much experience, gained in order to sharpen our tools and methods. We created new vineyards and recuperated ancient ones; we used containers of steel and wood, coming to fermentations with selected yeasts, in total absence of sulphur dioxide and at lower temperatures, leading to a result that today translates into high quality wine, synonymous with freshness and pleasurable drinking.