The bottle glass is polished and opaque, the latter etched with lustrous cuts to mirror the precious colours of our wines, marked with the thread of the noble mask that has different colours according to the different type of our products.

The unique Ca’ d’Or bottle was designed with three fundamental aspects in mind:

The beauty

The beauty of its shape flows in its lines, giving a modern interpretation of the ancient Venetian ampoules.

The functionally

Its functionality emerges during the process of aging on the lees in the wine cellar, and also when the product is poured into the flute after maturation. The greater surface area permits more contact between the liquid and the selected lees, allowing the sediment to release essential substances that enhance the expressive bouquet of our Franciacorta wines and consequently improve their taste and nose characteristics. The broad base is designed to be totally contained within a small hand, and the elongated neck improves both the outflow of the wine and the extreme elegant pouring through the flute.

The magic and the elegance

The magic and elegance of its decoration: the date 1501 is located at the base of the neck, etched in relief on the glass, recalling the long history of the Ca’ d’Or brand.

The Ca’ d’Or logo

To this beauty, utility and refinement we decided to add a magical decoration – our logo – a noble mask of mystery, elegance and sensuality to remind us of our origins and the noble Venetian art of glass decoration.